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Hair Transplant

Reverse the results of hair loss, get back your natural-looking hair with our unique and most advanced hair transplant solutions. Our expert panel of dermatologist analyze your problem and then suggest solutions custom-made for you. A solution that is not only the best for but gives assured results as well.

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hair fall care

Hair Fall Treatment

We offer you a permanent hair solution for the world’s most common hair problem – Hair Loss. Yes, you heard it right. It is time to get back your self-confidence with a range of hair fall treatments designed and customized just for you. We care just as much as you. Consult our hair treatment experts today.

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hair replacement treatment

Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement is a hair restoration solution that returns full head of hair like what Mother Nature gives you in the first place, the best part about this procedure is achieving it without surgery or scarring. Offers a pocket-friendly solution with a number of choices, Let’s check out each and every process to check the suitability.

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‘‘We trust that helping other’s can bring more happiness to our own life. We are available.’’

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About Hos Hair Clinic

Hair is your crowning glory, do not let it get damaged. Restore your hair and live life with confidence. we specialize in analyzing your problem and then suggesting the optimal solution. This means you get not only the best treatment and assured results too.

We Understand your Hair

We at Hos hair transplant clinic examine the cause of hair problems and then suggest the best hair care solution.

20 Years Experienced

We are a renowned hair transplant clinic, solving hair problems from 20 more than years back.

Free Consultation

Discuss your hair problems with our hair expert doctors without the hesitation of money, We can wave off the fee.

Effective Hair Treatments

Consult with our hair experts to come to know the cause and treat with effective hair treatment for a permanent solution.

Best Services


Hair Transplant

Nowadays hair fall has become a very common issue among people, who suffer from hair fall want to cure this

Mustache and Beard Hair Transplant

A large number of men are unable to grow facial hair in a certain area of their face due to scarring or

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Nowadays, due to various diseases like thyroid and alopecia areata, people face the eyebrow hair loss issue.

Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss is also known as alopecia or baldness, leads to partial or complete lack of hair growth. Its

Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy Hair fall problems can cause depression and anxiety. It can bring down the looks and

Platelet Rich Plasma

What is Platelet rich plasma? Another effective technique used in the treatment of hair loss is Platelet rich


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Hair Transplants


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  • What makes us the most trusted name in Hair Transplant?
    Our advanced scalp and hair care treatments assure you the best results. We are humbled by the several rewards and recognitions received but most important among them is the happy faces of our clients.
  • How do I choose the right Hair treatment?
    You need not worry. Our expert panel of surgeons and dermatologists will analyze your problem and overall health conditions and then suggest a treatment which is best suited for you.
  • What is unique about Hos Hair Clinic?
    Our team of doctors is our strength. They come with several years of industry expertise and can easily understand your problem. Our care, empathy, and expertise make us stand out in the crowd.
  • What is customized hair care solution?
    There are several procedures available in the market to reverse the effects of hair loss. But not all treatments can be equally effective for everyone. At Scalp Hair Care we recognize the need to tweak the treatment and hair care solutions as per the client's needs. This is called a customized hair care solution. Our customized plans are very popular amongst our clients.
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hair transplant result

I found this clinic while searching online, I came here to discussed the hair transplant process. HOS team explained to me very nicely, told me the whole process, and I got an appointment with the doctor. I was very scared and nervous but once I came here everyone was very friendly. I felt out very comfortable & Now I have got very good results after my treatment.

Dr Vikas - Doctor
hair transplant result arpan

I am fully satisfied with the result of the hair transplant provided by HOS Hair Clinic. The staff is very co-operative & helpful in all aspects. Especially I am thankful to HOS Team. The clinic is well built & this is having good accommodation for the attendants.

Arpan Sharma - Business Man



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