About Us

‘‘We trust that helping other’s can bring more happiness to our own life. We are available.’’

Welcome to Dr. Verma

About Hos Hair Clinic

Hos Hair Clinic is the brainchild of Dr.Verma, an exceptional surgeon who feels passionately about hair care treatment. At Hos Hair Clinic we aim to provide best-in-class hair treatment and scalp hair transplant to our patients. We have a variety of treatments both surgical and non-surgical to help you with your problems.

Our scalp and hair care treatment in Noida are designed to suit all age groups and can be customized as per your health and physical conditions where ever application. With several years of industry expertise, we can proudly say that we make sure that our clients walk out of our clinics happy and content always.

We understand you

Every individual has a different problem. The first thing we do is to analyze your problem and the root cause. It is based on this analysis that we devise a treatment plan. So, each treatment will be customized based on your needs.

Experienced Hair Doctors

Our panel of doctors, surgeons and dermatologists are experts in their domains with several years of experience. This means you are in safe hands. Rest assured we will give you the treatment that is most suited for you.

Free Consultation and Counselling

You can walk into our clinic and get a free consultation from our doctors. We will help you to analyze your problems and suggest the best solution for your problem. You can talk to us for an in-depth discussion about any questions and queries you have in mind regarding the suggested procedure. Post treatment counseling is also provided to help you cope up with the new changes.