Myths & Faqs

Q. What are the common reasons of hair loss?

A. Some common reasons include lifestyle, hereditary, medications, hormonal changes or some medical conditions like insomnia, thyroid and pregnancy.

Q. Is hair transplant effective?

A. In most of the cases the output is satisfactory; those who have gone through the hair transplant are leading happy and normal life with their natural and healthy looking hair.

Q.What are the post hair restoration effects?

A. Post hair restoration effects include fall down of previous transplanted hairs and growth of new natural looking hairs. After a short period, person starts getting the expected growth and beauty of hair.

Q. Is hair transplant procedure involves a painful session?

A. As any other surgical procedure, it involves some pain, which is very minute and with the local anaesthesia and advancement in medical science & technology, you can say the hair transplant session becomes painless. Some other ways of hair replacement is surgery-free which has no pain.

Q. How hair transplant enhances your look?

A. After the treatment, within a very short time, new hair start growing and shapes your natural look by making you feel the normal and natural appearance.

Q. Is hair transplant procedure is way too costly?

A. Initially, the procedure required some investment but in a long way, it’s much cost-effective and reliable as compared to some other similar techniques. Thus, it is not costly instead of that it is way to affordable solution.

Q: Is hair transplant procedure suitable for serious scalp problems only?

A. It’s always recommended to treat the problem in its early stage to avoid the severity of problem and number of surgical sessions. So, whether you are finding yourself at initial stage of alopecia or at very last stage, this procedure is suitable for anyone provided recommendation of doctors is necessary.

Q. Is hair transplant easily traceable?

A. No, because the hair grows after hair transplant is natural in texture and rich in volume. So, no one can notice whether the hair is transplanted before or not.

Q. Is post procedure maintenance needed after hair transplantation?

A. Initially, you need to keep in touch with your doctor, but after very few days you will be free from all restrictions and can enjoy the same lifestyle as any other person.

Q. In how much time I can get back to my daily routine?

A. Since it does not include any complicated surgical procedures, one can get to work in a very short. Depending upon hair fall condition and treatment doctors recommend