Get Hair Transplant For Permanent Hair Fall Solution

Hair fall

In today’s hectic life hair fall is a very common woe for most people all around the globe. When it comes to finding the root cause of this problem, you will find a list of reasons behind this annoying problem  such as  exposure to harsh weather, excessive styling, lack of maintenance, stress, polluted surrounding and medical issues etc. some other reasons that lead to hair fall are given below:

What are reasons of hair fall?

  1. Genetic

Untimely baldness or excessive hair fall is in reality, genetic in nature i.e. it is passed on from one generation to the other.

  1. Hormonal Imbalances

When hair fall happens due to the normal hormonal levels are disrupted in the body mostly because of an illness or pregnancy or menopause, hair fall is known to happen.

  1. Anxiety or Stress

Not only hormonal imbalance, but also your mental or emotional health is intricately related to your hair. People are right when they say that depression or stress can lead to hair fall. People who are suffering from thyroid also experience hair fall problems.

  1. Nutrition and diet

It might sound implausible, but what you eat always plays a vital role in determining the kind of hair you have. So, make sure your diet is rich in vitamin, mineral and fiber content. It should also contain decent quantities of proteins.

At what extend Hair fall is Normal?

In your day to day life, if you're losing up to a  hundred hairs per day then, it is normal but if your hair is visibly getting thinner day by day, or coming out in clumps, then you must be concerned about it as there’s a good possibility that you're not experiencing normal hair loss - and that's when you should start taking into consideration for hair fall treatment. Thus, before getting engage in any hair fall treatment technique to sort out your hair fall issue, it is important to know whether the hall fall is severe or general.

When you talk about hair loss, what you actually mean is premature balding. This is because hair fall or losing hair is totally normal, and it starts before you're even bald!

The most interesting fact is that, babies have more hair than they would ever have in their lifetimes before or just after they are born. After the born, baby’s hair follicles die off, usually at a rate of a few per day, throughout his or her life, and in this regard, there's really nothing you can do to stop that. In your whole life, hair follicles will die, no matter what you do, but you should always be concerned about its rate at what they.

How to cure hair fall with hair transplant solutions?

When it comes to curing hair fall, there is a range of hair transplant and replacement solutions that can reduce your beauty concern by granting 100% hair re-growth. FUE, FUT and various hair replacement solutions can be used to get rid of hair fall problem permanently.

Principally, these processes involve a hair restoration surgery removing living hair follicles from the posterior section of the patient’s head and then implanting those follicles into the bald spot. By cautiously placing the individual hair grafts, the surgeon matches the directional growth of the surrounding hairs and brings a result that is very natural and healthy looking.

These hair fall treatment services are done in a doctor's clinic usually in one afternoon and the patient can go home with no bandages, only with few restrictions that will last for a few days at most. Within a few days the hair grows thick and full and no one can trace any kind of procedure performed.

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