What Are The Types, Causes And Treatments of Alopecia?

An overview
Alopecia or hair loss is a condition of losing hair in one or more areas of the scalp and body affecting both male and female of all ages. According to recent surveys, approximately 2% of the general population worldwide is suffering from Alopecia. However, it is not a disease that causes weakening to the system. When Alopecia occurred at an early age of an individual may lead to making him or her bald early.

What are the causes of Alopecia?
Many diseases, like lupus, thyroid, and insomnia can cause hair loss. Those who suffer from alopecia may also have experienced mental or physical trauma. Those who suffer from eczema experience some hair loss as well. Apart from these, chemical bleaches and styling products can, in addition, irritate the scalp to cause further hair loss or it may be caused by the use of hair dryers, combs or any other heated harsh element competent of generating lesions on the scalp. Alopecia may also occur because of nerve disorders, congenital abnormalities of the hair, genetic factors, heredity, and alteration of the immune system, injuries, and hormonal problems. Besides, some medications like thallium, high doses of vitamin A and retinoid also cause of different types of alopecia.

What are the types of Alopecia?

Alopecia Universalis
Another type is Alopecia Universalis where there is loss of hair on all parts of the body including even hairs in the axilla, groin and nose area. In this stage, neither the hair follicles remain on the scalp nor remain the baby-fine hairs.

Alopecia Barbae
Other types of Alopecia, named as Alopecia Barbae this is when the bald spot or spots come out on the beard in men. This is not permanent and curing of this issue is simple.

Alopecia Postpartum
It happens due to hormonal imbalance, Alopecia Postpartum is temporary issues that occur when a woman gives birth to a child.

Alopecia Areata
There are various types of Alopecia, to determine the type you need to consult a specialist, and experts determine the type by a close inspection of the scalp looking for exclamation point hairs.

A very most common type of is Alopecia is Alopecia Areata. It is characterized by a round or an oval bald spot over the scalp varying in sizes. It generally occurs on one side of the head and may resolve within a year by consulting a hair solution expert.

It is called Alopecia Areata Monocularis if only one single bald spot is seen on the scalp and if seen more than one side then called as Alopecia Areata Multicularis.

Alopecia Totalis
One more type of Alopecia is Alopecia Totalis or AT. This type of hair loss on the scalp and face leads to complete baldness. AT is an auto-immune disorder; it is somewhat of go-between Alopecia Areata which is patchy scalp hair loss and Alopecia Universalis extends to total body hair loss that can be divided into two types: One is being a fairly sudden and complete loss of all head hair and the second is being a slower form which originates as Alopecia Areata and advances to complete scalp hair fall.

How to cure Alopecia?
In this, you can take the help of PRP & LHT. A hair treatment expert will be able to advise you as per your condition of hair fall. At initial stages, hair fall can be cure but when it goes out of control, There is nothing can assure you complete reliable and reasonable solution.

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