Laser Hair Therapy

What is Laser hair therapy?

Laser therapy (LLLT) treatment includes use of laser (light energy) of low intensity at specific threshold energy and a specific wavelength, which absorbed by the weak body cells and enhance their regenerating capacity and they regain their health. It came in different variant (based on their penetration capacity to scalp) and decided by the doctor after an analysis of your current situation.

It mainly used for treatment of androgenetic alopecia and shown visible result in both men and women. As it use low intensity laser it doesn’t produce any heat and thus also known as cold laser treatment and safe to use and not cause any damage to skin or hair follicles. It’s already used worldwide and our experts suggest the patients after investing the hail fall pattern.

How LHT works?

Though it is yet not clear how LHT exactly works and but current research tells that it directly targets our cells and show some results and mainly effective in Androgenetic alopecia and hereditary hair loss problem. It results vary person to person and studies also shown that its results on average visible after 26 weeks but vary from person to person and it’s condition.

Some benefits of LLLT are:

  • Suitable for adults - both men and women.
  • There is no surgical procedure required.
  • Painless technique.
  • Relatively less expensive than other treatments available.
  • One can see visible results in less time.
  • Works best on both genders.