Hair Transplant

Now-a-days hair fall has become a very common issue among people, who suffers from hair fall want to cure this problem from root any how but in most of the cases they do not get success as hair loss occurs due to many reasons. The reasons can be a genetic disorder, a sleeping disorder or irregular and unhealthy diet and in such cases curing  hair fall becomes a big challenge. But hair transplant can give a new life to those who has lifeless and emaciated hair.  

Where hair transplant technique Can Be done?

Hair transplant is not limited only to prevent scalp baldness while it can also be used for hair restoration of eyebrow, mustache and hair transplant.  FUT and FUE are the methods approached to restore hair with a natural look. In both the techniques our experts decide a pattern and with all perfection, they transplant hair that appears and shines like natural hair. As per the amount of fallen hair doctors recommend the transplant solution; FUT which is complete baldness and FUE slight baldness.  Let’s check out how eyebrow, mustache and beard hair transplant is different scalp hair transplant?