FUE(Follicular unit extraction)

FUE is the most effective method to get rid the problem of minor hair loss.  Hair only solution provides the best way out in this concern with follicular unit extraction; micro removal of hair.


In this process, single follicular units which hold one to four hair are removed from the root by injecting anesthesia and afterwards small punches with diameters ranging between 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm are created. Micro blades or fine needles are used to prick the area for receiving grafts. A pre-determined pattern is fixed with allocated density. The pattern is fixed at such an angle so that the scars are visible and enhances a realistic pattern of hair. The ending procedure is done by inserting an individual graft in the recipient area.


It is not only the solution of people facing the problem of hair loss, but also for those who want an attractive or sporty hair style to get all time for their enthusiasm. If you are one of the following  you must go to the hair only solutions expert to shut off your issue:  

⇒ If you are facing slight baldness.

⇒ If you are fond of short hair styles.

⇒ If you have a vigorous schedule for the day like sportsmen, etc.

⇒ If you want to get attractive hair and wants to abstain from cuts, scars and stitches on their scalp.

⇒ If can be done in a long one session or may  take more sessions, but assures a pain free treatment