FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Hair only solution clinic uses the follicular unit transplant (FUT) technique to restore the hair who has overall scalp baldness. This method requires two to six hours for single session transplantation with no investment in the maintenance of your hair. Our doctors suggest you the best suitable technique after going through a deep analysis of your hair texture and scalp. HOS experts firstly analyze the hair fall pattern and then recommend whether FUE or FUT is best for you.   


It is different from FUE where your hair transplantation is done in a group of follicular units. The unit contains nerves, small muscles, sebaceous oil glands and fine vellus hairs. In this process transplantation of thousand grafts is done in one session. This transplantation promotes the natural hair growth without leaving traces and helps you to lead a normal lifestyle. The hair that is transplanted is as permanent and natural as you can shampoo them, oil them comb them, and even get your desired haircut.

Why FUT is best for you?

⇒ If you want to get rid with overspread baldness with single or couple of sessions
⇒ If you want permanent cure of hair loss
⇒ If you want fret cuts and stretches free treatment
⇒ If you want pain free treatment at the most pocket-friendly prices