What Is the Ideal Age for Hair Transplant Surgery?

You hit 24. And, yet you are already thinning on top quite rapidly. This is distressing and unpredictable too. The problem can surely be affecting your confidence, won’t it? You may be on the lookout for something that could stop this or encourage regrowth.

Don’t fret if you’re not finding the right solution. You’re not alone to face the problem at this age. There are many, keeping pace with you. Some witnesses receding hairline in their early 20s. For others, this problem starts as early as 16 or 17.

No doubt, you’ve tried all options and, finally, decided to have a hair transplant for permanent results. Good for you!

The next step is to know whether or not a hair transplant is right during this age. Having a hair transplant too early in the balding process is the biggest mistake.

When to get the hair transplant?

It’s becoming increasingly common for young men to get hair transplant surgery. If truth to be told, having aggressive hair loss at a young age doesn’t mean a hair transplant is the best bet. Because, at this age, it is difficult to predict when you will become bald.

The actual final hair loss pattern won’t develop for a few years. It’s highly likely you’ll encounter further hair loss. It means predicting an ideal age for the hair transplant surgery establishes nowhere.

So, when should one opt for the hair-transplant technique? The honest answer is there isn't one.

However, we’ve still tried our level best to satisfy you with this answer.

What’s an Ideal Age for the Hair Transplant?

No sure. Better, don’t consider your age to know whether or not a hair loss surgery is suitable for you.  Instead, make sure how advanced your hair loss is. For this, you may require to shave your head and wait for the final hair loss pattern to emerge.

Once that happens, consult a good hair transplant surgeon. He can observe your donor hair and help you make the best hair transplant decision so that you have the most coverage and the best possible cosmetic results.

If you want to treat your balding problem permanently and go for hair restoration treatment, wait till your doctor allows. Your surgeon will let you know the most suitable time.

Need more information about the hair transplant treatment? Or do you have any query related to hair transplant technique or hair-fall problem?

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