Nowadays, due to various diseases like thyroid and alopecia areata, people face the eyebrow hair loss issue. Apart from this, some common causes of eyebrow transplantation are over-plucking an eyebrow, especially by a female, in which many times hair never grows back.

How eyebrow hair transplant is done?

Eyebrow hair transplant is a kind of trouble-free cosmetic surgery performed with the help of FUE. The eyebrow hair transplant is finished by transferring a skin layer with hair strands already embedded. The skin has already been processed in the laboratory using the epidermal cells of the patient. The hair cells from the other body parts of the body are also simulated. The hair follicles from the patient’s scalp, arms or torso are intensely embedded in the skin generated.

Afterward, the under processed layer of skin with hair follicles is positioned in the eyebrow area. Our surgeon would have to eliminate the hairless epidermal area in order to attach the processed skin. The hair naturally connects to the deeper dermis layer. Within a week, the eyebrow transplant seems natural and secure.

The best way to deal with the eyebrow hair fall issue is through surgery. As this process is fast and simple since the eyebrow area is small. HOS’s surgeons finish the operation in a matter of hours with all perfection and determination. There are different ways to transfer eyebrows. Our experts would suggest the most effective solution as per the situation. Transplantation adds to the density of the existing eyebrows and enhances beauty multiple times.

Why one should go for eyebrow hair transplant?

  • It has no side effect
  • It is a trouble-free procedure
  • It grants the ease to carry out daily routine
  • It takes very less time to grant natural appearance
  • It grants the choice to brush and thread as done on real eyebrows