Hair bonding- An effective hair replacement technique

If you are suffering from thinning of hair or from losing of it, the method of hair bonding works best for you. Since it a non-surgical process it is painless and have no side-effects. The method may have temporary as well as permanent solutions to the very permanent hair loss through external silicon clipping techniques.

How Hair Bonding Is Performed?

In this method, the affected area of the scalp is treated by a system of treated hair which is bounded with the scalp through silicon bonds. The pre-treated hair which we use is natural custom hair of similar color, texture and length. This bond may get attached to the scalp for around 4 to 5 weeks, after which a touch-up is required.

This method will give you all the freedom to color your hair, to style them, shampooing, oiling, etc. Treating of hair with method can give you many advantages including outdoor activities like swimming.

Hair bonding –for a whom best and suitable solution?

This technique is getting popularized due to its various advantages which consist of bio-bonding of hair which gives a totally natural look, gives volume and a natural gloss to hair.

This method is immensely beneficial for those persons who have already lost their hair from front part or crown part of the scalp.

The technique requires less effort, less time, no surgery and seamless perfection to the already gone hair. Equally works on both male and female, but one need to re-visit our clinic for a regular follow-up. For such effective solution, you can get in touch with HOS experts by visiting our clinic. We provide the best hair bonding in Delhi NCR; all around Delhi; Noida; Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Delhi.