History of Hair taping

Taping of hair is basically a hair styling method. It was first recognized in Italy in around 1300 AD. This style was prominent in Italian weddings where the bride and her besties do their hair up-do in a hair taping style. After which this fashion statement was followed up in France also in around 1600 AD. This styling method is very common among Scottish weddings and functions. Even at that time, the women used to style their hair for day-to-day activities.

How it brings new life to hair?

In this style, the lady binds her long hair around the hair band in a circular motion. This look gives a neat impression as all the hair gets round and round along the hair band. This makes hair to set for a long time and with no mess. Further, this taping of hair  is enhanced by change in the texture of hair-band which could be a silk or velvet cloth, a satin ribbon or much diverse detailing by embracing sparkling beads, colorful stones, etc. Also, the taping can be done so in such a manner that it would match the dress one wears or simply to stand as a unique fashion statement.

Hair taping goes with all kind of hair

This hair style requires long hair. Even short hair up to 4 inches from the shoulders are enough. This style may require some straitening for the ones who have super curly hair, but otherwise it is suitable for all hair-types whether it to be straight hair or wavy hair.

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