Our hair follows a cycle in which they grow, mature, and then fall down and new hair takes their position but in some cases, the hair gets thinner by each cycle, and in last they stop growing and lead to baldness. The male pattern baldness is the result of genetics and hormone which affect your normal hair cycle. It’s a very common condition associated with more than 90% cases of total hair fall problems in males.


It is caused by DHT also known as dihydrotestosteron which produced by the combination of testostosterone, the male sex hormone and 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme. Basically our hair strands link with our scalp with a cavity called follicle which directly determined the health of hair. The DHT directly attack on this follicle and affect the normal cycle of hair and lead to shrinkage of follicles and in last they stop growing new hair. But follicle remains alive and thus there is a probability to re-growth of hair. The effect of DHT on hair is also depending on the sensitivity and it’s a genetic factor.


The most visible symptom of male pattern baldness is residing of hairline backward. Afterward, it further forms m shape pattern on the front head which further leads to u shape pattern.


The initial steps required a proper consultation with a doctor who examines your problem in deep and then provides the most suitable treatment. It’s recommended to visit a doctor or dermatologist in the initial stage to get faster and better results.

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