Worried about not having a head that is full of hair? Still, searching for the best way to fix your hair fall problem? You are not alone. A study reveals that 7/10 people face some sort of hair problem in their life. It is sadder that most people fail to do anything about this.

Having said that, remember it is very important to treat your hair at the right time. Hair is an important part of one’s persona. And we do not want to lose this permanent crown. There are several methods and treatments available in the market today, but it is very critical that we treat the problem at the right time.

Read on to understand how and why the right treatment at the right time will help you restore your hair.


Losing hair permanently from the scalp causes baldness. Baldness pattern is at first seen around the age of 20, where you experience a mild to medium hair fall. This could be due to several factors including genetics, your diet, and your lifestyle. Experts suggest that you should go in for a hair transplant after you enter your 30’s. The main reasons being, by the 30s your hair loss would be stabilized. Also, most of the healthy hair fall would have stopped by that time. Normally, people under 25 are advised not to go in transplants.

How To Fix It?

Here are some of the common solutions your doctor or dermatologist may suggest based on the extent of your hair fall or baldness.

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine) – An over the counter drug that can be applied over the scalp to prevent further hair loss.
  • Cosmetic and surgical treatments – A permanent solution but with costs on a higher side.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Laser Treatment – Prevents and reverses hair loss.
  • Scalp Reduction
  • Tissue Expansion


While there are several clinics offering hair loss treatments, it is important that you choose the right one. Check for personal references in your family and friend circle if you can, else google can help you too. Make an informed decision, so you don’t end up losing your hair, money, and health.

There are no hard and fast rules to find the right clinic. But here are a few pointers to help you get there. A word of caution do not go for treatment until you are completely satisfied with the clinic and the surgeons there. I would certainly suggest you wait till everything falls in place.

Here are a few tips for you to select the right transplant clinic:

  • Choose only a licensed and certified clinic
  • Do a thorough background check of the clinic and doctors
  • Take a record of their successful transplant operations — get more information about their portfolio.
  • Look at their infrastructure. Assess them on points like cleanliness, use of the latest equipment, emergency services available, etc.
  • Go for a counseling session and talk to the surgeons
  • Check for online reviews and the possibility to talk to anyone who has had a treatment done there.


Based on the treatment selected there will be a cost involved. Remember that quality comes at a price. This may mean you need to have your finances ready. While there may be clinics offering treatments at dirt cheap rates, avoid them. A normal hair transplant cost you anywhere between a few thousand to up to a lakh based on the procedure chosen. Be prepared.


It is imperative that you treat every health issue. Hair loss is just one of them. Just like other treatments the earlier you treat your hair loss problem the better. To know more about your hair fall and related issues, check with the expert dermatologists at Hos Hair Clinic. They are the best in the industry with an expert panel of dermatologist to guide you well and answer all your queries. Book an appointment today