The female pattern baldness is also known as androgenetic alopecia, very similar to male pattern baldness except, it doesn’t follow any specific pattern like receding of hair line. It’s more complex and generally, women affected by it in their late 40s 50s and beyond. In this the hair initially starts getting thinner and due to excessive thinning and falling (shedding) the density of hair per unit area gets decreases down.


It is believed that the most common cause is genetic and it’s from either of parent, or from both. But still we don’t know too much about the causes of female pattern baldness. Some other causes are excess production of androgen, which is the main cause in case of male pattern baldness. Also from studies it’s observed that generally women face this problem after menopauses, other female hormones also affect it.


The decrease down in the volume of hair is the most visible symptom. Doctors or dermatologist divide the severity of female pattern baldness in three grades on the basis of its severity.

The female pattern baldness is more uncommon in compare to male pattern baldness and it’s rare that women loss complete hair forms a patch or complete head. It’s always recommended to treat the problem in his early stage as by it the chances of regain natural density are much higher.


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