Hair loss is also known as alopecia or baldness, leads to partial or complete lack of hair growth. Its severity and fall-pattern differ in male and female as a common problem engendering female pattern hair loss, male pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, thinning of hair etc.

Our hair as any other tissue goes through different phases in their life cycle, which consists growing phase (anagen), transitional phase (catagen) and resting phase (telogen) and at the end all hairs fall out and a new cycle begins. It some cases the new cycle does not begin leads to baldness.

What leads to hair fall?

Although, cause of hair fall is still a topic of research, some common causes are as follows – scalp infection, our hectic life schedule, medication, genetic, pregnancy, diet, stress diseases like thyroid, anaemia also chemotherapy, and another environmental factor like pollution and chemically cultivated foods.

Every day a normal person lost around 100 strands but it replaced by new ones. The very early sign include thinning of hairs (sometimes temporary) which further lead to hair loss in patches (example like from front sides in men). Other sign include skin lesions, dandruff, decrease down in volume of hair, scarring.

How to cure hair fall?

It’s recommended to treat this problem in the early stage to avoid any other surgical processes. To cure this issue one can approach a number of options for treatment few most reliable and tested options are laser hair therapy and platelet rich plasma. These treatments assure a reliable and long-term hair restoration solution. Let’s check out each of these treatments in detail.