Hair Replacement is a hair restoration solution that returns a full head of hair like what Mother Nature gives you in the first place, the best part about this procedure is achieving it without surgery or scarring.

How hair replacement is done?

The hair replacement process starts with a comprehensive study of the patient’s scalp and their existing hair before making a system that completely mirrors their own contours and hairline. It features fairly sourced natural hair of the uppermost quality which is then completely integrated with patient’s hair.

Once our expert stylists will create the look of their choice, they are further proceeded with fixing the hair covering with their natural hair. It is as simple as wig fixing but quite different from this. This seems natural and is undetectable by sight or even by touching with force. It enables the wearer to sleep, dance, shower, and swims without any restrictions for up to 6 weeks without removal.

How hair replacement is beneficial?

  • Gives the best result in the context of the density of hair
  • Offers nonsurgical procedure, best for those who are scared of going under the knife
  • Takes only two hours to make Bald to Bold.
  • Offers pocket-friendly solution with a number of choices

Different ways of hair replacement

The days are gone when replacing hair was limited to wig fixing which could have identified easily Now, there are many ways by which the hair replacement or in other words hair attachment is done that are so real and effective ways, they are as follows:

  • Hair Weaving
  • Hair Bonding
  • Hair taping
  • Micro wefting

Though they are different ways of hair attachment that result as per expectations, For that our specialist recommends the best and suitable hair replacement in Delhi NCR as per seekers lifestyle and comfort. Let’s check out each and every process to check the suitability