Now-a-days hair loss or thinning of hair strands is one of the major concerns of more than 50% of people whether they are males or females. Permanent hair loss may also affect one’s self confidence in a drastic manner. Hence, one goes through stress. One of the permanent solutions for the hair loss is   Microwefting.

Microwefting is a non-surgical process through which one can achieve natural looking hair in a painless procedure. In this method, a bunch of specifically treated hair strands are attached to the one’s pre-existing hair strands. This quantity of pre-existing hair bunch may vary from 5-9 hair strands.  This is completely an external clipping technique and hence it is painless. Also, it is very convenient to carry. One can easily style them, can do regular shampoo, color them, or do any haircut. Also one of its major advantages is that one can also swim with this treatment as the water makes no changes to the hair.

How effective is Mircowefting?

Microwefting is a safe method to have natural hair in a simple, easy, and quick way. This method is applicable to all skin types of all men and women. This technique has recently, evolved much in the USA, and researches are done. With a few limitations, the biggest pro of this technique is that it doesn’t require any touch-ups or follow-ups.

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