Many individuals struggle with hair loss issues. They do not however believe that they have a solution to the problem till the time they become bald completely. When they start losing hair, their confidence level goes down and they are immersed deeply in pessimism. They do not believe that there could be any supplementary treatment that could help them get back their lost hair. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of the best hair loss treatments that have cutting-edge technology and this treatment certainly helps in dealing with hair fall glitches in the most efficient way.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

PRP is the most efficient hair treatment available these days. There is an ultra-thin needle used and the platelet-rich plasma from other body parts is injected into your scalp. The growth factors that are there in the newly injected PRP, help in stimulating hair growth naturally.

The human blood consists of many components that include Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells(WBC), plasma, and also platelets. These platelets are exclusively best known for their importance in clotting the blood. Moreover, these platelets also contain some special types of proteins that are essential for the healing of the body tissues. This helps in promoting the growth of the hair in the most natural way.

But before you understand in detail the PRP treatment in Noida, you need to know about plasma and platelets. Plasma refers to that part of the blood that is in liquid form. This is mainly made of protein and water. This also allows white and red blood cells and platelets to travel through the bloodstream. Platelets are a kind of blood cell that helps in making blood clot. They also help in healing wounds.

Can both men and women use the PRP therapy treatment?

Both men, as well as women, can take this treatment and this is suitable for people of all age groups.

Does this treatment involve any surgical procedure?

No, this treatment does not involve any kind of surgical procedure. This is quite a natural as well as an uncomplicated therapy that simply requires the blood of the patient. This also contains blood cells that also help in improving the blood factors. The blood cells have the capability of stimulating the natural procedure of hair growth.

Is PRP treatment a successful theory?

If you compare this treatment with other invasive and chemically laden non-invasive therapy, this is quite natural. There is absolutely no surgical procedure involved in the procedure. There are also no chemicals or lasers used. The PRP therapy doctor in Noida uses platelet-rich plasma that is taken out from the blood of the patient and will thus have absolutely no side effects.

The procedure of the Platelet Rich Plasma

In this treatment, there is a sample of blood taken from the person who is suffering from hair loss. Thereafter, the sample is kept inside a centrifugal to increase the concentration of platelets in the plasma. When the concentration of platelet is increased up to a limit of 5-6 times that of normal platelet count in plasma, it is then that the PRP is injected into the scalp of the patient. As per the researchers, this PRP technique gives a high yield in comparison to the other techniques and the results of this treatment are also quite magnificent.


In the first step, the blood of the patient is collected for a cholesterol test. The amount of blood that is taken is even less than two ounces. It rather varies somewhere between 50 and 15 millilitres. There is a collection needle that is inserted into a particular vein in the arm for a blood test, and then the blood is collected in a tiny vial.

In this step there is blood is centrifuged. A centrifuge is a machine that spins at a very high rate. The solid, as well as the liquid components of the blood, are first physically separated by this action into 4 parts that include the red blood cells also called the erythrocytes, the white blood cells that is also called the leukocytes and the platelets that is also referred to as the thrombocytes, and plasma which is the liquid.

Here, in this step, the platelets are processed as well as collected. The platelet-rich plasma contains up to five times the amount of platelets that is there in regular blood. The platelet-rich plasma has quite a high concentration of platelets in comparison to ordinary blood. This is approximately 200,000 per millilitre. There will be a syringe that will be used to collect three to seven millilitres of platelet-rich plasma, which will be given straight away.

Now, in the final step, the PRP has to be injected into the right site.

Is the PRP treatment painful?

There will be a numbing cream that will be applied to the area for about 1-2 hours before starting the treatment and this will ensure complete anaesthesia that will be treated.

Who will benefit from this treatment?

Irrespective of males or females, this treatment is appropriate for all those who are experiencing hair loss. This is a 100% safe treatment. This is because here your cells are being used in the process.

How many sessions do you require?

For the hair fall treatment, three sessions within the gap of one month each are expected to provide you with the desired result. You will have to start maintaining this, after about 6-8 months.

Here is a list of things that you should do before you get PRP injections

Follow these steps before getting the PRP treatment for your hair loss done:

  • In case you are taking any medicine for thinning out the blood, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, you will have to stop taking them before you get the PRP treatment done.
  • It is also important for you to take a break from particular supplements that include omega-3 fatty acids, and also certain vitamins. The doctor will then direct you specifically about what you must do to prepare for PRP shots.
  • PRP treatment for hair loss does not have any kind of side effects. But this treatment involves drawing blood. Therefore, it would be good to ensure that you eat something before the completion of the process. This will prevent you from feeling lightheaded when you start receiving the PRP injections.

Benefits of Platelet Rich plasma therapy

This treatment is simple and cost-effective.

  • The PRP technique is quite a safe one.
  • This procedure is quite a reliable one.
  • This is a non-surgical process.
  • Why choose us to get the PRP treatment?

Reasons why you should opt for the PRP treatment from us

We have some of the best doctors working with us who are skilled as well as experienced. We also take care to ensure that the patient is comfortable while getting the treatment. Our prices are also quite affordable.

Results of the PRP treatment

After the completion of about 3 to 4 months of the treatment, you can expect that you will be able to get proper hair growth. You will need around three infusions that will help you to regrow your hair completely. But the thing that you need to understand here is that the results are gradual and these results will continue to improve for the coming three to six months after the last session of the treatment has been completed.

Can you repeat this treatment?

You can repeat the PRP treatment in Noida. Here, you are using your tissue and therefore there is no problem with using this repeatedly. Some people prefer to do a single session each year to boost the effectiveness of the initial group of treatments.

Costs involved in the PRP treatment

The cost of the PRP hair loss treatment would depend on the number of sessions that would be required. Again, the number of sessions that a patient will require will depend on the needs of the patient. In most cases, it has been observed that about 3-5 sessions are required with a gap of four to five weeks. There are however chances that the patient might require more sessions. Apart from this, the price of PRP treatment in Noida is also dependent on several other factors.


When the PRP treatment is used to treat your hair loss, it is called PRP hair treatment in Noida. PRP contains a lot of proteins and growth factors that help boost the repair of the tissues. There are indeed some kinds of hair loss that happen due to damage caused to the hair follicles. The researchers primarily said that PRP could aid in hair regrowth. This treatment reverses the method of hair loss that takes place in androgenic alopecia. The PRP treatment in Noida for hair loss has turned into a well-known procedure that helps in restoring the growth of the hair.