Increased pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and diet, stress, and too much use of chemical containing hair products, hair problems have become quite common such as hair fall, premature greying, hair loss, and dandruff. It is essential to follow a suitable hair care regime by the hair care clinic in Noida for beautiful hair.

A number of factors are responsible for hair shedding, and hair problems like dandruff or premature aging. For flawless healthy hair these factors play an essential role:

Increasing age leads to hair issues

 As you age, the melanin produce in the hair keeps reducing leading to grey strands of hair or in some cases white hair.

Stress can affect hair growth

In today’s modern age, where there is more stress among teenagers and adults alike it induces the production of cortisol and adrenaline which makes the hair growth stop, leading to permanent hair loss.

Smoking and tobacco has adverse effect on health and hair

We all have heard that smoking and tobacco is bad for health. It is absolutely true, and it also causes permanent damage to your hair. It causes contraction to the blood vessels and less supply of nutrients required for the hair leading to hair damage

Diet leads to nourished hair

Diet plays a pivotal role for the health of the body as well as for the hair. Lack of adequate protein in the diet leads to hair loss. The hairs are made of protein called keratin, and decreased protein to the hair and less minerals and vitamins supply leads to hair fall and prevents new hair growth.

Pollution is a vital aspect which causes hair damage

As we all know the pollution index is increasing day by day in our urban life leasing to increased air pollution as well as water pollution. It leads to making hair brittle and weaker.

All these factors matter a lot, when you face hair issues, achieving healthy hair is not impossible. You can ride to a path of healthy glowing mane with simple hair care routine. Hair care clinic in Noida can suggest the best treatments and lifestyle to be able to get glowing and healthy hair. These minor changes can lead to better hair and help you battle hair issues:

  1. Add daily supplements like Vitamin and Biotin for a healthy mane
  2. Protect your hair from the harmful sun damage and too much pollution by covering your head with a scarf
  3. Indulge in healthy fruits and vegetables diet to do good fore your body and hair
  4. It is best to withdraw the use of too much tobacco and smoking to save your hair as well as maintain good health.

Some hair fall issues and problems like dandruff, premature hair greying, folliculitis infections, scalp disorders and other diseases requires the attention of hair specialists to diagnose and suggest the best treatment and hair care routine. The hair specialists of the hair care clinic in Noida can suggest medications for best hair care based on your medical history to resolve hair issues. Dermatologist and trichology’s can be the best doctors who specialise in hair care, are best to be followed for the most suitable hair care products and treatments for healthy glowing hair.